BabyKlokánci, from the charitable civil association ZRNKA

BabyKangaroos support babies born prematurely and sick newborns.
Not only for survival but also for enjoying life.

Video about us:

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The project „BabyKlokánci“ („BabyKangaroos“), from the charitable civil association „ZRNKA“ („Grains“), aims to help:

  1. Parents, whose babies need a professional health care directly or shortly after birth.
  2. Health care professionals, who take care of premature babies or babies with special health and medical needs.
  3. Babies, who were born premature or with medical conditions which need specialised health care.

The project „BabyKlokánci“ consists of three parts called grains: emotional grains, financial grains and material grains.

Emotional grains - Emotional support for new parents by e-mail, on-line discussions and forums, support groups established for each perinatal center.

Financial grains – Financial help based on the needs of particular babies and their parents while they are hospitalized at the neonatology ward. Collection of money for buying breast pumps or other equipment when needed by the neonatology ward, made through a transparent account number

Material grains - Caps, socks, positioners, blankets for babies in incubators, all hand-made for free by volunteers.
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The birth of a premature baby or a baby with health problems is a very difficult and challenging period in the life of the parents, of the whole family. It is a long period filled with fear, uncertainty, apprehension, remorse.

For health professionals, this job is very hard and exhausting.

Please, let's help them together so they can enjoy their children as much as possible.

Because help is as a grain and many grains can accomplish great things.

ZRNKA thank you!
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